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eS8QlMLfbFlLlmBFlystwLNeiLR-wYfnOn3XBka-q5ILast night, at Chase locations in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, merry bands of tar sands fighters turned over 80 JPMorgan Chase ATMs into Automated Truth Machines. Reading the message–“Out of Order: Due to violations of Indigenous Rights and sovereignty, clean water, clean air and the climate. #NoTMPL #NoTarSands,” crews of folks took to the streets to demand that Chase end the financing of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and tar sands at larger.


JPMorgan Chase is the largest funder of tar sands on Wall Street.  A recent report from Rainforest Action Network estimates that $20 billion into extreme fossil fuels in 2014-2016.  Recently, Chase has provided billions for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would triple the amount of tar sands crude flowing through the Trans Mountain pipeline that would bring it to refining points south along the west coast including, possibly, the refinery corridor in the Bay Area.

Pissed off yet? We are.  Join us as we send message to dirty pipeline companies and the banks that fund them that enough is enough.