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fwsw2“Direct Action vs. Climate Change Tour”: Dreaming & scheming through California with Rising Tide

California is being ravaged by fracking, industrial agriculture and drought. Oil spills in Santa Barbara and, most recently, Northern California have polluted our natural landscape. The oil lobby has continued to pour millions of dollars into state politics. Gov. Brown remains pro-fracking, pro-oil and pro-coal export terminal despite his assertions of “climate leadership.”

How do we catalyze radical action on the climate in California?

Direct action is everywhere. In May, thousands took action to Break Free from Fossil Fuels in one of the largest global coordinated climate actions in history. Almost a year ago in San Francisco, hundreds flooded Wall Street West in a mass civil disobedience against the economic system driving the climate crisis. In the Northwest, kayaktivists have flooded into the waterways of Seattle and Portland to stop Shell’s Arctic drilling. In Paris at the UN climate talks, thousands told the world’s leaders that they must act on climate and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

We see that when we act boldly, with courage and with our hearts, the world notices.

Diablo Rising Tide and friends invite you to join us for a nights of storytelling, plotting and scheming through Northern and Central California in late June and July. We’ll give a brief presentation and then start a conversation on where we can go next with climate action in the Golden State.

Bring your friends, get ready to take action.

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Tour Dates & Locations

  • June 30 (7pm): San Jose, CA; San Jose Peace & Justice Center; 48 S 7th St #101, San Jose, CA
  • July 9 (7pm): Sacramento, CA; Blackbird, 1015 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • July 14 (7pm): Radical Trivia Night, 518 Valencia, San Francisco, CA
  • July 16 (6pm): San Luis Obispo, CA; County Library 995 Palm St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401;
    Co-Sponsored by SLO Speaks!
  • July 17 (1:30pm): San Luis Obispo; Non-Violent Direct Action Training; Grange #639 2880 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA; Co-Sponsored by SLO Speaks!
  • July 28 (7pm): Santa Cruz, CA; Resource Center for Nonviolence 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060; Co-sponsored by Resource Center for Nonviolence

RSVP to Join the Tour Here!

Diablo Rising Tide is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Rising Tide North America. Rising Tide North America is an all-volunteer grassroots organizing network in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico who confronts the root causes of climate change with protests and events. You can find out more at

Rising Tide North America is an all-volunteer anti-capitalist climate justice network working to challenge the root causes of climate change.